Rome - A Recommended 3 Day Itinerary

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Parallels between the Prophets and the Revelation. Both are prophesy of Christ. The Old Testament predicts both the first and second comings. The New Testament records the first coming and predicts the second. Both Testaments end Channel grating with the Second Coming of Christ.

Un-occupied children cause havoc. It was un-occupied children that caused the downfall Trench Drains of the roman empire sanitation, the Black Plague, both World Wars, driveway grate Country and Western Music and the invention of the musical doorbell.

The underlying principle of the Magna Carta is what is known as habeas corpus, which in Latin means, "you shall have the body." To us who are guarded by habeas corpus it means that a person can not be held in jail or against his will without evidence of wrongdoing. This is the crux of United States criminal law. It is powerful. It is just. It came by the hand of Providence, no doubt, because God is all about justice.


When the Europeans came to this land now called America, the Church declared it Terra Nullia -vacant land - because the native people did not have land titles. Therefore it was up for the taking as the European flags were planted in the soil.

French Drain Grate For many in Bethlehem it was only of passing interest. For Mary she pondered, and as we see the shepherds for the final time they are praising God for all they had seen and heard.

Smyrna's name was derived from one of it's principal exports myrrh. It was a fragrance made from the gum, or resin, of a small bush-like tree whose fruit and bark were crushed to yield a bitter extract from which a perfume was made and used on garments and to embalm the dead.

Coined "Louis heels," early 1700s King Louis XIV heels depicted miniature battle scenes and were often as tall as five inches. The king declared that only nobility could wear heels that were colored red, and no one's heels could be higher than his. What a sight, a bunch of noble men walking around in heels.

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Bay trees are native to the Mediterranean and were introduced to Britain in the mid sixteenth century. They can grow in most climates but only reach their full size in temperate zones.

The town from before it being called Rome had walls built around it. This was respected by the people as all businesses and homes were within the walls. The wall was not well looked after and city population grew outside the walls, but were considered rural. It was a defensive wall built by the Roman armed forces of concrete, stone, mortar, and even some existing buildings. Some pieces have been revived for historical value. Where the walls once divided urban residents, now the citizens likewise use the GRA as an outlining line.

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