Hulu's streaming TV service pricing: 'under $40' per month

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family news channelHulu CEO Mike Hopkins
Business Insider

On Wednesday, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins revealed that the company's upcoming live TV service, a competitor to cable TV, will cost "under $40" per month, Variety reports

The service will work much like a regular cable or satellite TV package, except that it will be delivered over the internet to your smart TV, phone, tablet, and so on.

Though Hopkins didn't specify an exact release date, he said
it would launch in a "couple of months," and that the "under $40" price would include both Hulu's existing $7.99-per-month on-demand video library, as well as cloud DVR capabilities.

Hulu's upcoming service will include CBS, notably absent from AT&T's competing DirecTV Now internet TV package.

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